Personalized Marketing. Why should you care?

Q&A about Personalized Marketing Strategies and Techniques. Tools available today to increase rates of response.

  1. Q: Is our company a real Marketing company or are we just brokers?

    A: We are the company running all the operations in-house with a team of strategists, designers. At our premises we run our production operations that in addition include digital printing, offset printing and bulk mailing processing. We have developed most of the tools that allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to improve the response to marketing campaigns.

  2. Q: What does Personalized Marketing mean and why should you care?

    A:Personalized marketing can be seen as the opposite of mass communications, where the message is broadcast equally to all recipients (sometimes called "blank"). Newspapers and mailed pieces to "Dear Customer" would fall under the mass category.

    is capable of conveying a unique message to each single individual. A classic example of a personalized piece of advertising that you might have been exposed to in the past is a postcard that comes in the mail from your car dealer reminding you that you are close to needing a 15,00-mile service

    The reason that you should care about personalized marketing is because your personalized advertising is focused and relevant to the recipient of your message

    Both research and our own recollection of data out of personalized marketing campaigns, show that personalized marketing produces rates of response in the range of 3% to 5% on the lower end, going up to double digit response rates. Those are significant numbers when compared to traditional direct mail marketint producing around 1% of response. Who are you and treat you in a more intimate way

    These findings show that the bottom line of a campaign can be significally improved when compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

  3. Q: What are the challenges facing marketers in today's economy?

    The The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council ( in their "2007 Marketing Outlook" state that there are 10 main concerns among chief marketers in the country.

    3.1 . Quantify and measure the value of marketing programs and investments

    3.2 . Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing organization

    3.3 . Grow customer knowledge, insight and conversations

    3.4 . Improve the allocation and ROI of marketing spend

    3.5 . Extract greater value and profitability from customer relationships

    3.6 . Increase credibility, influence and perceived value with senior management

    3.7 . Develop competencies, business knowledge and strategic alignment
    of marketing functions and external assets

    3.8 . Better capture, convey and deliver a clear value proposition to all
    channels and audiences

    3.9 . Advance alignments and linkages with business groups, field sales
    marketing and channel organizations

    3.10 . Establish a global organizational structure that best delivers results,
    accountability and measurability

    Personalization together with customized web actions, tracking of phone calls to measure campaign effectiveness, permit today a much better understanding on what a campaign's results could be.

    For more details about transforming your mass and static campaigns into hi-response ones that account to the interest of the recipients, call or email us at Mark V Marketing. Campaings from concept to result measuring.
    (954) 563-2505.

  4. Q: Can you give an example of a personalized campaign that integrates with the web and provides measurement?

    Yes, please follow this example: You know that the particular individual that you are sending a direct mail piece to loves to play golf (because he's either a customer of yours, or because you've purchased lists that detail the favorite activities these people like). Therefore (let's assume that you're a financial advisor) it'll be ideal to relate your message with some benefit to your prospect in such a way that a high level of relevancy is created:

    So we are trying to connect the financial needs of an individual that likes to play golf. A message in a printed campaign could be something such as "Start investing in your retirement today" and an image of a retired person playing golf might be part of the piece mailed. There would be a call to action asking the prospect to act either by sending email, calling a certain number, or visiting a personalized website created especially for your prospect.

    Yes! A micro site that is unique to this particular individual that loves golf! If this individual were invited to visit HIS minisite such as that contained specific information about ways to plan for golf and retirement! In the privacy of his house, while browsing the internet. In an absolutely pressure-free environment!

    Data shows that many more people will take the time to visit that particular site. Once on that site, the prospect might express interest in a product or service in which case, a sales action will occur based on this particular individual's requests.

    Out of the people that respond through the web, or the phone, or a simple email, you've just increased the chances of contacting people really interested in your business.

For more details about transforming your mass and static campaigns into hi-response ones that account to the interest of the recipients, call or email us at Mark V Marketing. Campaings from concept to result measuring.
(954) 563-2505.

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